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The Blockchain Politipulse Indicator (BPI)
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Say goodbye to old-school biased opinion polls.  Say hello to Politipulse.

The first transparent political indicator that can’t be changed, deleted or manipulated.

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Show Terms and Conditions

  • You will receive a ratio of SWAP cryptos proportional to the selection of how much you lean. Example – if you lean 70% left you will get 70 LFSD and 30 RTSD.
  • A portion of the proceeds goes toward promoting your sides political interests
  • By Submitting your information, you will be entered for a chance to win 1,000,000 SWAP Cryptos.  See terms and conditions for details



Why Buy more SWAP Cryptos?

  • To help register a stronger sentiment toward your side 
  • Be part of a history making project
  • SWAP Crypto’s are a store of value
  • Own the first political digital coin with a purpose
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Blockchain PolitiPulse Indicator Widget

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